Winter Break Ideas For Bored Students

Students who are on long breaks like winter or summer break tend to fall into two categories: people who love the break and have tons to do (or don’t plan on doing anything!) and people that get really bored really quickly as the break goes on. I can’t speak for you, but I fall firmly into the last category. I really, really have trouble keeping myself entertained during long breaks. It just starts to wear on my after a while. But never fear! After a few breaks, I’ve figured out how to keep myself very well entertained over break. Here are a few things I do to break up the boredom… Hopefully they can help you!


The nice thing about university is that it helps you make friends all over the world, and all over your country. Sometimes a few of your school friends will live really close to you! This is the perfect time to get over there and see them, maybe visit their homes and meet their families, go out for lunch, or go see a movie! This is a perfect time to get to know more about your friends, outside the context of tests, finals, and schoolwork.

cup-1891446_640Get Some Reading Done!

Most people at school either read ONLY for their coursework, or they don’t read at all. In my opinion, neither is a good option! While it’s good that you read for your coursework, you should also expose yourself to other ideas as well! And if you don’t read at all, shame on you! Break is the perfect time to just sit by yourself and read. If you need some alone time, this is the best way that I know how to get it! Reading will keep you entertained for a long time.

Get a Job of Some Kind

If you need an internship for your Major, winter break can be the perfect time to get that out of the way. It’ll be something different to do, and you’ll meet new people AND get the class credit that you need! I’ve had all kinds of jobs over breaks; I’ve worked at a pet store, I’ve worked in a warehouse stacking pallets with collars from Kronus Collars, I’ve helped load firewood… There are all kinds of short-term jobs you can do to help get some extra cash! Don’t be afraid to ask around to find out what kind of work is available.

Get Some Sleep

You’re probably tired from finals and all the studying you had to do; why not get some sleep while you’re at it? You won’t regret spending a little (or a lot!) more time in bed than you usually do. You won’t get as much when you start school again, so get sleep while you can! And be sure to check up on your family as well. They love you! So if you’re visiting friends, reading, stacking industrial-grade pallet collars, or just sleeping, be sure to have an awesome break!

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