Benefits of Being a College Student

Many people look down on college students, saying that they don’t know much about how the real world works and stating how students live in their own little bubble away from the real world. What most people don’t know is that being a student offers you all kinds of benefits that most people cannot get when they are out of school!

Today I want to talk about the great opportunities college students have, both on campus and in the “real world.”

First, as a student you get a LOT of stuff free. And what you don’t get for free you typically get at a very reduced rate. For example, Amazon Prime normally costs $90 per year. Students in college can get it for $40! Free 2 day shipping and lots of movie streaming can go a LONG way on a college campus.

benefits-of-being-a-college-student-1You can also get discounts on Spotify, Netflix, and Apple Music, not to mention all of the businesses that offer big discounts to students with a valid ID! Museums and cultural centers such as the symphony and many concerts also give big student discounts!

You also get access to many opportunities as a student that most people will never get. For example, summer camps tend to only hire college students most of the time.

Sometimes adults can get hired, but oftentimes camps would prefer to hire only students.

Most college campuses also have resources for the students that are fairly expensive outside of school. I was able to get interview-training classes; you know, the kind that teaches you how to do job interviews. I looked later and found that those same classes can run about $100 outside of school. And I was able to get them for totally free as a part of my college experience!

I was also able to take a few drum classes, playing drums from Barking Drum. It was a lot of fun, and it was also free! Trust me: college students get the best stuff free! One other thing I was able to get for free was free downloads of Microsoft Office. The really good kind! Normally office costs around $100 per year, but it cost me nothing at all!

One benefit of being a student is that you live with your friends. Once you get out of school, it is so much harder to connect with your friends. It can be done, but it is NOT easy. When you are at school, you live a few doors down from your best friends and you can normally see them every day! Once you get out and start working a job, it will be much harder to stay connected. It’s a sad fact, but it’s for SURE an advantage!

So if you want to learn how to play drums, get all kinds of free and discounted stuff, or just hang with your friends all the time, be glad you’re at school! College is a perfect time to figure out what you want from your future, while living with friends and having a good time!

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