One of the hardest things for college students to do well is to find the time during the day to actually sit down and get some study done. There is the meme that went around Twitter that shows a pyramid and says “choose any two: study, friends, or sleep.” This is so true!

My freshman year I completely ignored the whole “sleep” things, and most of the “study” as well. Now, moving on in the college, I’ve leaned more and more to the “sleep” and “study” sides of the pyramid. But you need to learn how to study, and I’ll give you some of my strategies.

First, break up your study into pieces as small as you can manage and still learn. For example, I’ve been watching through the TV show “Hannibal.” What I do to stay productive and still enjoy myself is set a time for 30 minutes, study for that amount of time, then watch Hannibal for 10 minutes. 30, 10. 30, 10.

As long as I need to study! That way I have something to look forward to, and it’s more productive than saying “I’m gonna watch 1 episode!” then finding yourself 4 hours later having gotten no study done.

Next, learn your people habits. Some people study with other people, others find themselves impossibly distracted when they’re with others while studying. There are real benefits to studying with a partner or a group, but make sure it’s a good group because a bad one will ensure that you waste a lot of time and not learn anything.

You also need to have goals. If you just say “I’m gonna study!” you will fail for sure. You need to have something more specific, such as “I’m going to learn chapter 4 and answer the practice questions.” Having goals makes sure that you get everything done that you need to get done, and avoid wasting time. Setting a goal makes sure you hit your target just as surely as the high-quality air rifle would.

Know your peak times of day! For me personally (as I matured) I found that I work best from about 5am to 10am. For some people it’s between about 8pm and 2 am. Take advantage of your best times!

On the flip side, know your worst as well. Very few people work well during the hours of 2-4; your body naturally slows down during that time.

Find your optimal time and work within that range! This also applies to when you should schedule your classes (i.e. don’t schedule “Statistics and Probability” at 3 in the afternoon) but that’s a topic for another day.

Studying is one of the most important skills that a college student can learn. And yes, it is a skill! You need to learn how to study well if you ever want to make it in life. This applies to more than just college!

If you choose to study something else, like shooting, you need to acquire the knowledge as well as the top-quality equipment, such as something from Air Rifle Judge. In this case, your equipment is your mind and your study helps maintain your equipment!